Broken Window? – What Do You Do?

You may have had someone break in to your home, or maybe the local children who live close by kicked a football straight through your side window. Or maybe even you just shut your window or door too hard and broke it yourself. There are various considerations that you have. You call an emergency glass repair company, but before you do, take a moment and gather as much information as possible to be able to give the glazing company when you ring them.

Determining whether or not you have a single or double-pane window is often a fairly simply endeavor regardless of how little knowledge you have of windows that you have or how badly broken it is. At the edge of the glass pane, wherever it meets up withthe frame, look for a silver aluminum spacer anywhere from a 1/4 inch thick to 3/4 inch thick. The presence of this silver spacer almost certainly indicates a double-pane window.

If it is a double-pane window, are both panes broken or just one?

If both panes of a double-pane window are broken it will have to be boarded. If, however, only one pane is broken it can often be left in place without having to board it. Be sure to let the glass company know in advance if it’s just one pane that’s broken or both.

Is the broken glass in a door?

If so, it will ned to be replaced with either tempered or laminated safety glass, even if there is ordinary plate glass in it now. Tempered safety glass must be ordered and typically takes a week or two to get, but laminated safety glass can always be cut to size the same day.

Is the broken glass tinted or textured in any way?

If you want the glass repair done that same day, consider getting it replaced with clear flat glass. Bear in mind, custom-ordered specialty glass can be expensive.

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