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Party Time – Part 2 – The Big Day

Emergency Glazing

When the big day arrived. I could hardly move. I was so fearful it was all going to go wrong. We had celebrated Aaron’s birthday on the Thursday keeping it really low key. I gave Aaron a card and a small present, knowing all the time I had planned this amazing party for the Saturday and a trip to Hawaii two weeks later. I was sure I had betrayed myself somehow. Did Aaron think there was something suspicious about my movements. Did he think I was being a little preoccupied or acting suspiciously?

Well he didn’t and the big day arrived. And this was the day I wondered if I should have done all this under the guidance of a party planner!!! Anyway Aaron was out of the way. Two friends had taken him off for the day and now I could get things started.

That’s when vendors started to arrive at the door, flowers being delivered, last minute phone call to the cake maker to ensure the cake was ready. Yes it was and would be delivered within the hour. The tent was being erected, Mai’s Aloha café was on the phone, the DJ was in the backyard, Uncle Jose and Auntie Maria were stranded at the airport, my friend’s daughter Chelsea had been sick in the car and ruined her dressed. Where could we take her to get another dress for the evening. Aaron’s sister wanted to buy some shoes and had some presents to drop off at the house. She had also promised to make up some favour bags and had left them behind and had to go back for them. Typical Brianna.

That’s when my head started spinning and I wondered if I should have employed a party planner. Maybe. But here I was. The big day was here and I had to get on with it.

We did have a little issue, someone spotted a lot of ants around the side of the house, so we too no chances and called in a pest control company, who dealt with the problem swiftly. Thanks guys.

There was a hold up with erecting the tent. What was wrong? Just a temporary hold up, I’m told,  but the clock was ticking on and it all had to be done by 2pm when Aaron would arrive home to his surprise party!

The doorbell kept ringing, the phone kept ringing, people were arriving, the tent was up and the tables needing laying. Why didn’t I employ someone to dress the tables. Instead two girlfriends and myself dressed and laid the tables and were ready to place the flowers. Where were the flowers. Quick call to the local flower shop. They were on their way. They were beautiful. Snazzy sunflowers from a local florist in Santa Barbara.

The cake had arrived! I was so excited. A red Ferrari. It looked amazing. I knew Aaron would be thrilled with it. I was still in my working clothes so my two girlfriends and myself decided we would get showered and changed and have a little celebration drink to get the party started. We opened a bottle of champagne and took a deep breath and relaxed.

I had hired three wait staff and a bartender from a Santa Barbara agency and they had just arrived. It was great to have help arrive but I was conscious I would still have to be on call all day and evening to look after things as well as looking after my guests. This was the point I wished I had hired a party planner who would be there all day to pull all this together and keep things moving. Now I just wanted to greet my guests and enjoy a drink with the girls and get ready for Aaron the birthday boy to get back from his morning with the boys.

Taxis and cars were arriving and the house and yard was filling up with people. Presents were stacking up all over the house. The noise of excited laughter and talking was amazing. The guys were all wearing Hawaiian shirts and the girls were wearing leis and flowers in their hair and the DJ put on some Hawaiian music

We placed the cake in the tent and the glasses were laid out for champagne, the DJ was here and now the party could begin. Aaron was home. The look on his face was the best. It was a kind of slow …”wow, what has happened to my home and my yard, and what is my mother doing here!”

Well it was very emotional. He was very touched to see all his family and friends gathered. It took a little while to sink in but he got into his stride and we all started to have a real good time. It was a great day and the champagne and margaritas flowed. The popcorn cart, the taco bar and the margarita tap were a great success.

The tent looked fabulous lit up at night and we sang and danced for hours with the DJ.

Aaron loved the cake. In fact he loved it all. So did I. Would I chose a party planner with hindsight? Yes, I probably would. Believe you me I needed that vacation in Hawaii!!! There are great people out there that can provide great services. The florist, the cake maker, the tent company, the wait staff, they were all superb. I had no difficulty hiring each of them individually, but come the day of the party, that’s when I needed a party planner to accept deliveries, ensure everything ran to schedule, manage the various vendors and set up the tables and centre pieces.

Would I do it all again….but this time with a party planner…..yes I would!!