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Learn Any Language For FREE!

It doesn’t matter what your first language is, learning a second or third language seems to be scary for everybody. Truth is, once you finally learn a second language, you will feel more open to learning other languages and improve in the ones you already know. Whether you are a complete beginner or you’ve already got the hang of the basics, these apps, websites and tips will help you learn almost any language.

It’s important that you immerse yourself in the language, the culture, grammar, pronunciation and if possible, even read books, watch movies and TV shows as you learn so your brain can pick up dialects, slang terms, tones of voice, etc.

Duolingo – a free website and mobile app that helps their users learn almost any language. The online website is better because it provides more tools to help you learn, improve and practice what you’ve already learned.

The website and app also has very hip and fun ways to keep you interested, provides users with the opportunity to translate tests and receive feedback so they can test out their skills.

YouTube and App Market Places: these days there’s a YouTube channel for nearly anything just like there are apps for nearly anything. Explore and find out if there’s a YouTube user dedicated to teaching the language you’re interested in or if there are any shows or videos available in this language that you could watch.

Babbel – now, this mobile app and website is not free but they do have free tools you can use and take advantage of in their website, it’s a great starter tool especially for beginners and people who only know a language at a tourist level.

Register in an online forum – online forums are an amazing way to improve and accelerate what you’re learning from a new language. People who’ve joined online forums while learning a new language have noticed improvement after just months of constant participation on those forums. It’s better to join forums about things that interest you so that you feel more inspired and motivated to engage in the forum.