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Why A New Year’s Resolution?

Are you, like me, wondering who would have ever thought this was a good time of year to drop a dress size or take up exercise? I suspect that they are having a good laugh watching everyone struggle with what to conquer because they think they “should”
But if your blanket and a box of chocolates is looking more alluring then slaying dragons, you are in very good company.
Weak and unreliable at the best of times, our willpower cannot cope with taxes, arctic conditions and calorie cutting in January. We just want to hide and hibernate in carb heaven on our sofa.  When we set unrealistic goals in the most unforgiving month of the year we could find we set ourselves up for failure.

We are more likely to reach our goals if we really want to achieve them; not because we “should” be doing them, but because we are passionate about the idea of achieving that goal or creating new habits or circumstances in our lives.
Imagine then if this year your goals were all already within your reach, how exciting and empowering that would be.By making small but significant changes, all this can be yours.

Here are some life goals thatyou may have contemplated in the past. You may feel they would be wonderful bonuses to have in your life.   They can make you feel lighter and more connected to your life.

You just have to listen to your inner voice and practice as often as you can kindness and compassion for yourself.

Could these be the goals to make your new year more meaningful and purposeful?

Check them out:

  • I unconditionally love and forgive myself
  • I listen to my needs. They are valuable too.
  • Each day I find pleasure in small things
  • I remind myself often that the glass is half full
  • Comparing myself unfavorably to others is a toxic exercise in futility.
  • I commit to letting go of trying to control situations and outcomes
  • I stop exhausting myself seeking perfection and managing the expectations of others
  • I understand that “beating myself up” is not motivational.  It never helps.
  • I have decided to be responsibly selfish -people pleasing makes me resentful and feel over-looked
  • I choose to be around positive people who make me feel good
  • I don’t aim for perfection – good enough suits me
  • I ask myself “will this matter in 5 years?” and let it go
  • I no longer worry about what others think.  I know they are too busy thinking about themselves

Trust me, keep up this little regime and you’ll be looking and feeling better in no time.

As you start to feel better, you will make better choices on your next step in life.This is where your life coach using their coaching tools will be able to work with you to explore, identify and achieve your goals.

Take the first step now and book my “Try Me” session for life coaching.

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