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We Have Wasps!

Broken Windows

We all have an occasional wasp flying around the house or even getting inside the house, it’s a normal part of life. However, what do you do if you notice that there are more and more wasps flying about? If you are noticing an increase in wasps try to follow where they are landing. If you are seeing an many wasps landing in the same area, chances are you have an infestation. This can be devastating to someone who an allergy to wasp stings as wasps sting multiple times where bees only sting once.

The best way to see if you have an infestation is to check around the sheltered areas of your structure. Wasps build their nests in lofts, trees, and cracks in a structure’s walls. If the nest is not taken care of it will continue to grow. Often wasps can enter a structure through openings so it is important to seal any of those openings. This is important because those openings can allow any type of insect from spiders to other pests, including wasps.

Normally wasps are not looking for inside shelter, they accidentally find their way in. A big mistake that many homeowners make is sealing up an entry once they notice the wasps without killing all the wasps first. This traps wasps inside the home. This can be dangerous to anyone allergic to stings. Not only can the stings be dangerous, but the nest the wasps build indoors may damage the walls or ceilings.

It is recommended to have professionals to remove any wasp nest due to their methods of controlling wasps. Wasps are very beneficial to the environment and therefore, pest removal specialist find it best to ensure the infestation doesn’t happen again. Whenever you contact a pest control specialist they will go through a series of steps to fix your infestation issue. They will first assess the situation to determine what is needed to create a wasp control plan. The specialist will then use a wasp control method, which can include traps mechanical and insecticidal controls, physical removal, light modification, and lights.

To ensure that the infestation does not occur again the professional will then ensuring that wasp do not begin to nest within the area again. One way of doing this will be modification of the area to ensure that there are other places that wasps find attractive to nest. The professional will also check for any spots where it would be easy for wasps to get inside or nest on the structure. By covering those spaces it will keep out both the wasps and any other critters. It is also important to keep any areas where wasps are not wanted free of food, this will make those sites less attractive.

If you do not want to hire a professional then it will be important to be able to identify a wasp nest. Often many solitary wasps will build a nest under ground while social wasps build their nest about ground. If you are going to remove an above ground nest it is important to have a route planned in case the wasps begin to swarm around you and sting you. It is also important to practice ladder safety so you do not fall and cause injury to yourself.

There are several sprays that you can get to kill wasps. Here are a few that are highly rated by consumers.

Wasp-X Wasp and Hornet Spray

  • This spray can be sprayed on flying wasps and kill very quickly. However, this spray has a foam that can be sprayed up to 20 feet away and expand throughout the nest. Users say that the product works very fast, does not have a strong smell, and felt very safe using this product indoors.

Bee and Wasp Freeze Spray

  • This spray also works very quickly. It’s spray can reach up to 15 feet so you still have plenty of protection when using it on a nest.

Rescue W-h-y Spray for Wasp, Horne, and Yellow Jackets

  • This spray actually has plant oils that confuses insects and kills them on contact. The great thing about this product is it is safe around people and pets. The product states that it works up to two weeks after being sprayed. Hid product can spray up to 14 feet giving ample distance to ensure there is a reduced chance of stings.

Eco Exempt Jet Wasp and Horne Spray

  • This spray is safe for use in any area, it has a botanical scent so there will be unpleasant odors. The product sprays up to 18 feet and does not stain. The product boasts to kill insects instantly. To kill wasps effectively the product states that it is best to treat in the evening or early morning when wasps are in or around the nests.

FMI Brands: 2Pk Wasp deterrent, 0900”

  • This product is a natural wasp deterrent. It works very simply. All you have to do is hang it up and because wasps are territorial it will cause the wasps to build their nests elsewhere. The entire idea is very effective for preventing infestation. This is a very good method to keep your house free of wasp nests and the look of it is not bad at all either.

Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer

  • Raid is a brand that many know and use. The great thing about this product is it reaches up to 22 feet away. The bets part about this product is it is from a brand that we all know and trust.

So any of these sprays, foams, and deterrents are useful when you have a wasp infestation. It seems that foam sprays do work the best because the foam examples on the nest and gives the maximum damage. However, any of these sprays have been found to be completely effective. It is important to know how far the spray will reach and how soon it will work so you know your chances of getting stung. In the end, knowing your options and be educated is the best process for ridding yourself of any infestations.